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Best Hotels in Amsterdam: Your Guide to the 9 Most Luxurious Stays

As the Co-Owner and Luxury Travel Agent (Designer) at Sphera Travel, my journeys often lead me to some of the world’s most enchanting destinations. On this occasion, my travels brought me to the vibrant city of Amsterdam for the ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) River Cruise Expo.

Amsterdam’s picturesque canals and rich history offer a unique backdrop for luxury travel experiences. During my stay, I embarked on a tour of the best hotels in Amsterdam: nine hotels, each selected for its association with our consortia, Signature Travel Network. These hotels are not just about opulence; they offer a range of perks, from included breakfasts and potential room upgrades based on availability to exclusive hotel food and beverage credits.

Amsterdam's Luxury Best: Map of Sphera Travel's Favorites 9 luxury Amsterdam hotels.

Visiting luxury hotels in any city is always a highlight of my travel experiences. It allows me to gain firsthand knowledge of the properties around the world. Each hotel, with its distinct charm and unique offerings, tells a story that fascinates me. From the architectural marvels that house these establishments to the curated experiences they offer, every detail adds to the tapestry of luxury travel.

This exploration is vital to my role as a travel designer. It enables me to match my clients’ preferences with the perfect hotels, ensuring their travel experiences are memorable and reflect their tastes and desires. Through this article, I invite you to journey with me through Amsterdam’s luxury hotel scene, discovering the unique offerings that make each one stand out.

Conservatorium Hotel

Paulus Potterstraat 50, 1071 DB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image collage of the Conservatorium Hotel In Amsterdam

While exploring the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam, I was drawn to its unique fusion of historical charm and contemporary luxury. Nestled in one of Amsterdam’s most sought-after neighborhoods, this architectural treasure, which transitioned from a Music Conservatory to the Duch Savings Bank in 1901, now stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of its rich past with modern elegance. The hotel’s communal spaces, a hotspot for locals, underscore its integration into Amsterdam’s vibrant social tapestry.

While I found the private driveway a bit confusing at first, and the lack of the traditional doorman greeting a surprise, these were minor compared to the allure of the hotel’s prime location and the luxury it promised, surrounded by some of the best shopping in the city.

The Conservatorium boasts the largest spa in the city, a sprawling 11,000-square-foot wellness haven offering an array of complimentary activities, including yoga and boxing, alongside a well-equipped gym. It’s heartening to see the hotel providing family-friendly pool times, balancing leisure for adults and entertainment for children. An exclusive gym and spa membership enhances the privacy and luxury of the wellness experience.

As I toured the exquisitely designed rooms and suites, I was enveloped in unmatched comfort and aesthetic beauty. The Deluxe Guest rooms, adorned with luxurious Jerusalem marble floors and underfloor heating, further emphasize the hotel’s commitment to luxury.

  • Banking Past Tribute: The nods to its banking heritage, especially the tiles adorned with piggy banks on the walls, resonated with me as I am fond of collecting pigs from every place I visit. This unique feature was a delightful discovery, adding a personal touch to my tour.
  • Lively Lobby Area: The hotel’s lobby is not just a space for transitions but a vibrant area featuring co-working spaces utilized by locals and guests. This aspect of the hotel particularly stood out, showcasing its role as a community hub and a place of lively interaction.

During my visit, the culinary journey was exceptional. Taiko’s eight-course chef’s menu promised an unparalleled dining experience, and the decision to create a welcoming atmosphere by omitting white table linens was noteworthy. The jazz bar’s rich history and Bernunia’s Mediterranean offerings highlighted the hotel’s diverse culinary landscape.

Offering bike rentals for guests to explore Amsterdam authentically was a thoughtful touch, enhancing the immersive experience of the city’s culture.

My time at the Conservatorium Hotel affirmed its status as a jewel in Amsterdam’s luxury hotel scene, promising an unforgettable experience for those who value a blend of historical depth with the utmost in luxury and comfort.

Hotel De L’Europe

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14, 1012 CP Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdams Best Luxury Hotels. Hotel De l'Europe

During my captivating tour of Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam, I was enveloped in a world where the city’s storied past and luxurious modernity dance harmoniously. This iconic establishment, rooted in 1896 and later embraced by the Heineken legacy in 1950, stood as a testament to the blend of old-world allure and contemporary comforts, appealing deeply to my senses as a discerning traveler.

As I navigated the hotel, every space seemed to tell tales of a bygone era against a backdrop of majestic elegance reminiscent of a fortress in time. The lobby, with its inviting lounge and the unique wine spiral staircase, offered a warm welcome, hinting at the luxurious comforts.

  • Dyson Hair Dryers: Including Dyson hair dryers in the rooms and suites was a notable touch of modern luxury that I particularly appreciated, ensuring a blend of style and functionality.
  • Five Private Docks for Canal Cruises: The hotel’s access to five private docks caught my fancy. They offer an exclusive gateway to explore Amsterdam’s iconic canals, a feature that beautifully encapsulates the blend of luxury and history.
  • Flore – The 2-Star Michelin Restaurant: Though I did not dine at Flore, the allure of this two-Michelin-starred restaurant, with its promise of private dining rooms and idyllic river views, spoke volumes of its culinary excellence.

On my tour, I was also drawn to the story of Freddy’s Bar, named after the beer magnate, the late Alfred (Freddy) Heineken. Known for his fondness for this spot, Freddy purchased the building as a heartfelt gift for his wife in 1950, adding a layer of personal history to the hotel’s ambiance. Now under the ownership of his daughter, Charlene de Carvalho, this narrative adds to the hotel’s charm, melding personal legacy with public luxury.

The accommodation options, ranging from rooms with breathtaking views to the innovative Creative suites, underscored the hotel’s commitment to unparalleled comfort and personal attention. Meanwhile, the spa, opening onto a private terrace, promised a haven of tranquility, promising treatments in partnership with Harper’s Bazaar.

Hotel De L’Europe’s commitment to an unparalleled Amsterdam experience, especially through its unique waterways exploration and the serene yet majestic allure captured during my tour, promised more than just a stay but a deep dive into the heart of Amsterdam’s luxurious history. 

My brief visit captivated me by its luxurious offerings, historical narratives, and the distinct mark of a family legacy within the city’s abundant tapestry.

Sofitel Legend, The Grand Amsterdam

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 EX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam's Best Luxury Hotels: Sofitel Legend, The Grand Amsterdam

As I stepped into the Sofitel Legend, The Grand Amsterdam, the bustling city streets gave way to an oasis of calm, luxury, and historical grace. Nestled discreetly with its parking lot, this haven offers both sophistication and a nod to convenience, striking a perfect balance for those seeking a serene retreat in the heart of the city.

My exploration was rich with discoveries, but a few experiences stood out.

  • Private One-Way Transfer for Sphera Travel Clients: I was impressed by the hotel’s exclusive offering of a private one-way transfer to the cruise terminal for Sphera Travel clients, which underscored its commitment to seamless luxury travel experiences.
  • The Wedding Room: This mid-century modern space adorned with art that narrates the story of love and matrimony caught my eye. Ideal for couples looking to renew their vows, it exudes a sense of romance and cultural pride.

The Superior rooms captured my attention during my visit with their stunning canal views, embodying the quintessential Amsterdam experience. These rooms blend comfort and elegance, enhanced by thoughtful touches like customizable mini-bar offerings and the ability to log into personal apps on the in-room TV.

The hotel’s dedication to guest comfort was further reflected in its inclusion of Diptyque bathroom amenities and a user-friendly hairdryer. The variety of room options, including 64 connecting rooms, showcased The Grand’s readiness to cater to diverse guest needs.

Anticipated renovations promise to elevate the hotel’s luxury, and the unique invitation for guests to share their state of origin enriches the personal touch, deepening the connection with the hotel’s heritage.

The Royal Suites’ apartment-like luxury and exclusive Consortia offer, including shuttle service to the cruise terminal, add layers of convenience and exclusivity. The hotel’s rich history, from its origins in 1411 as a convent to its royal transformation, is celebrated daily, enriching the guest experience with fascinating narratives.

My visit was highlighted by a delightful lunch that underscored the hotel’s culinary excellence, from the exquisite rosé from Provence to the perfectly grilled steak.

Every detail of The Grand, from its storied past to the modern luxuries of its spa and pool, weaves together a tapestry of luxury, comfort, and history, transforming my tour into a journey through time in the heart of Amsterdam.

The Kimpton DeWitt

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5, 1012 RC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdams best luxury hotels. The Kimpton Dewitt

Staying at the Kimpton De Witt in Amsterdam, I was immersed in a perfect fusion of the city’s historic charm and modern luxury. The hotel’s unique position as a preferred choice for Viking River Cruises guests immediately stood out, making it a bustling hub for travelers. The presence of a Viking desk in the lobby to assist with cruise-related queries underscored its commitment to providing tailored services for international travelers. However, it’s tailored more towards Viking’s clientele.

  • Location to the River and Ocean Cruise Terminals and Train Station: The hotel’s proximity to both cruise terminals and the train station was incredibly convenient, facilitating easy transitions for guests embarking on river or ocean cruises or exploring Amsterdam further.
  • Complimentary Wine Hour from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Everyday: The daily wine hour became a cherished ritual. Offering a delightful array of wines and snacks facilitated community and relaxation among guests and locals alike.

Each morning started with a sumptuous buffet breakfast, where the warmth of the staff and the Dutch culinary delights made every day special. Dining in the hotel was an experience, with dishes like the roasted chicken and Caesar salad impressing with their perfect seasoning.

The Super Lion bar was a highlight. It offered craft cocktails and a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a speakeasy, serving as a lively gathering spot. Our accommodations, the Premium King rooms, paid homage to Amsterdam’s rich cultural heritage with Dutch designer furnishings and decor, adding depth to our stay with tales of the city’s history and artistic flair.

The story of the Green Bird added a whimsical note to our adventure, enhancing the charm of the ‘little house’ accommodations designed for families, which provided the comforts of home with the luxury of hotel service.

This commitment and its strategic location made our stay enjoyable and deeply enriching, highlighting the Kimpton De Witt as not only a place to stay but a gateway to discovery and connection in Amsterdam.

Despite some construction noise, the quality of our stay at the Kimpton De Witt was unaffected, showcasing the hotel’s dedication to guest comfort and a seamless experience.

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Herengracht 542-556, 1017 CG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam's best luxury hotels: The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

When I toured the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, I was immediately immersed in what can only be described as the pinnacle of luxury and elegance right in the city’s vibrant heart. Nestled along the iconic canal belt, the first steps inside this grand hotel wrapped me in a cloak of refined sophistication. The staff’s elegance and the timeless melodies of Frank Sinatra playing in the lobby were my first welcome, instantly conveying the Waldorf Astoria’s signature blend of classic luxury with a warm embrace of hospitality.

  • The Feeling of Being at Home: Amidst the grandeur, an underlying warmth makes the Waldorf Astoria feel like a home away from home, a rare find in such a luxurious setting.
  • The Lobby Area: Serving multiple purposes throughout the day—from dining in the morning to tea in the afternoon to drinks in the evening—the lobby area is the hotel’s heart, offering a welcoming space for relaxation and socialization.

During my exploration, the collaboration with Tauck Tours and River Cruises for the upcoming 2024 seasons positioned the Waldorf Astoria as a premier destination for those seeking an extraordinary travel experience. The hotel’s homage to its nautical roots through the armillary clock in the lobby ties it to Amsterdam’s maritime heritage. It is a modern iteration of the Waldorf Astoria’s iconic “Meet Me at the Clock” tradition.

This tradition, deeply rooted in the hustle and grandeur of early 20th-century Manhattan, symbolizes more than just a physical meeting point; it represents a place of connection, serendipity, and shared stories. The clock, a beacon of elegance and worldly allure reflects the hotel’s global identity while embracing the essence of its locale.

As I savored my lunch in the hotel’s Peacock Alley, this tradition of connection and the area’s timeless elegance greatly enriched my experience. This comfortable and welcoming hotel hub, where I enjoyed an exquisite soup, highlighted the Waldorf Astoria’s culinary prowess and dedication to providing exceptional dining experiences.

The attentive service, from the complimentary coffee offered during brief waits to the personalized care by the dedicated guest experience team, emphasized the Waldorf Astoria’s commitment to seamless, memorable guest experiences. Furthermore, the hotel’s integration into the local community, evidenced by discounts for locals and thoughtful assistance with luggage, showcases its blend of luxurious hospitality with genuine community engagement.

Though my visit was limited to a tour and lunch, the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam left a lasting impression on me. From the maritime tribute of its unique clock to the serene elegance of Peacock Alley, my visit was a testament to a hotel that not only stands as a beacon of luxury in Amsterdam but also as a splendid sanctuary in the city’s lively heart.

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam unveils a world where luxury, history, and impeccable service merge to craft an experience beyond compare.

The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Prinsengracht 587, 1016 HT Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam's best luxury hotels: The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

During my enlightening tour of the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, I was captivated by its dynamic and eclectic vibe, reflecting Amsterdam’s rich artistic spirit intertwined with a sense of modern luxury. The hotel’s bold and funky design immediately stood out, infusing the environment with lively sophistication that perfectly captures the essence of the city’s cultural heritage.

  • Complimentary Gin Hour from 4 PM to 6 PM: This unique twist on the traditional happy hour, offering a selection of aged Genever and other spirits, became a standout feature of my tour. It represents a convivial opportunity for guests to socialize and celebrate the Netherlands’ distinguished distilling tradition.
  • The Unique and Funky Artwork All Over the Hotel: The vibrant and quirky art pieces caught my eye. They embody Andaz’s commitment to celebrating creativity and adding a layer of visual intrigue to the guest experience.

I was also impressed by the amenities provided in the 110 rooms, many of which boast balconies that offer breathtaking views of Amsterdam’s cityscape or its serene hotel garden. The complimentary minibar in each room highlighted Andaz’s dedication to ensuring guest comfort and convenience.

A notable part of my exploration was introducing the hotel’s main restaurant, Prins and Ap, whimsically named to reflect the hotel’s location on Prinsengracht and a nod to the Dutch word for monkeys, “Apen.” This playful naming speaks to the creative ethos of the Andaz brand and its deep-rooted connection to its Amsterdam setting. The restaurant’s innovative dishes, particularly the Monkey See and Monkey Do Borrel, with its exquisite selection of seafood, showcasing the best local and fresh ingredients.

Delving into the world of Bols Genever offered an enlightening highlight of my tour. Learning about Genever, a juniper-flavored spirit that is a hallmark of Holland’s historical beverage landscape and not merely gin, provided a unique tasting experience and insight into Dutch culinary traditions.

Though my visit to the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht was confined to a tour, the hotel left an indelible mark on me. With its distinctive design elements, innovative guest experiences like the Gin Hours, and the culinary delights of Prins and Ap, the Andaz Amsterdam presents a contemporary interpretation of luxury. 

The Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht stands as a testament to those looking to immerse themselves in Amsterdam’s vibrant energy and artistic flair, marrying the city’s historical richness with the sophistication of modern luxury.

The Dylan

Keizersgracht 384, 1016 GB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdams Best Luxury Hotels:  The Dylan

While exploring The Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam, I was immediately captivated by its seamless marriage of historic elegance and contemporary luxury. Nestled in the city’s vibrant heart, this exclusive retreat revealed a sophisticated mix of yesterday’s charm with today’s luxury, enchanting me at every turn.

  • High Wine Instead of High Tea: The Dylan’s inventive “High Wine” offering, an elegant twist on the traditional High Tea, stands out. At 49 euros per person, this wine-tasting experience pairs exquisite wines with gourmet bites, inviting guests and visitors to embark on an unforgettable culinary journey, even though I didn’t partake.
  • Spotify Playlist Sent After Guests Checkout: Discovering that The Dylan sends a personalized Spotify playlist to guests after their stay was a delightful surprise. This thoughtful gesture allows the memories of the visit to linger, offering a musical snapshot of the time spent within its walls.

The hotel’s dedication to guest comfort shines through in its amenities, with rooms featuring Dyson hairdryers and Aesop hair products, marrying modern luxuries with the property’s historic charm. Although I didn’t dine at “Ate,” the restaurant’s concept intrigued me: a dining experience that fuses Mexican, Japanese, and French seafood flavors, prepared right before guests’ eyes, promises an intimate and immersive culinary exploration.

The Loft room caught my attention for its unique character, offering a glimpse into the building’s rich narrative. Once a theater visited by Rembrandt and later repurposed by the Catholic Church, The Dylan’s transformation into a luxury hotel adds layers of history to the guest experience. The Michelin-starred restaurant, Vinkeles, with its original ovens from its days as a church bakery, adds to the hotel’s allure, although I didn’t experience its cuisine firsthand.

Upon entering The Dylan, the beautifully appointed entrance and serene courtyard immediately set a tranquil tone, welcoming guests to a haven of elegance. The occasional musty scent, a reminder of the building’s historical foundations, does little to diminish the overall sense of warmth and charm accentuated by cozy fireplaces.

Positioning itself as a luxury sanctuary, with rooms starting at 650 euros, The Dylan aims to make guests feel as if they’re staying at a beloved relative’s home, radiating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. However, potential guests should note the presence of numerous small steps and the extensive staircases in the loft suite, which may present accessibility challenges.

The Dylan is ideal for those seeking a distinctive, luxurious stay in Amsterdam. I profoundly appreciate Dylan’s unique approach to creating an inviting and memorable sanctuary.

My visit to The Dylan Hotel Amsterdam was not just a tour but a journey through the interplay of Amsterdam’s storied past and modern-day luxury.

The Intercontintal Amstel Amsterdam

Professor Tulpplein 1, 1018 GX Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam's best luxury hotels: The Intercontintal Amstel Amsterdam

During my three-night stay at the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, I was in the lap of timeless luxury and elegance. This hotel, majestically situated along the Amstel River, wasn’t just my place of retreat but an iconic representation of Amsterdam, blending classic hospitality with contemporary comfort.

  • The Pool: Among the hotel’s numerous luxuries, the pool stood out to me as the city’s finest. It was a refreshing escape and offered unmatched relaxation and rejuvenation, making it my favorite aquatic retreat in Amsterdam.
  • Wonderful Massage: The spa experience, particularly the massage, was a highlight of my stay. It was a much-needed indulgence that lifted my spirits and restored my energy, epitomizing the hotel’s commitment to guest wellness.
  • Location on the Amstel River: The hotel’s picturesque setting along the Amstel River was breathtakingly beautiful. The serene views and tranquil environment provided a perfect backdrop to my stay, enriching my experience with the natural beauty of Amsterdam.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the lobby’s display of royal Delft ceramics, an immediate introduction to the Dutch heritage and luxury that would define my stay. These exquisite pieces set the tone for an elegant experience throughout the hotel, from the beautifully appointed tea and breakfast rooms to the serene river views that provided a tranquil setting for dining and relaxation.

While exploring the hotel’s amenities, I noticed its standout features: pool and bar. Known for inventive cocktails and delightful culinary offerings, these spaces underscored the establishment’s culinary excellence and mixology prowess. Although the lobby might not have been the bustling social hub seen in more modern hotels, it served as an invitation to discover the hotel’s more intimate and refined aspects, revealing its quieter charms.

However, I noted that some areas could use updates to match the hotel’s impeccable standards. For instance, the hairdryers, with their coiled cords barely reaching the mirrors, seemed slightly out of place among the hotel’s luxurious amenities, representing a minor inconvenience in an otherwise flawless stay.

Reflecting on my time at the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, I see that it is a distinguished choice for those seeking a blend of historical grandeur with attentive service. It was the perfect sanctuary for someone like me, looking for tranquility a bit removed from the usual hustle and bustle of Amsterdam’s city center.

Each detail of my stay was meticulously curated, affirming the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam’s status as a beacon of luxurious Dutch hospitality.

The Pulitzer Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 323, 1016 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam's Best Luxury Hotels: The Pulitzer Amsterdam

While exploring The Pulitzer in Amsterdam, I noticed its casual yet vibrant entryway immediately set it apart from the more formal luxury hotels I’ve encountered. Nestled within 25 canal houses, this expansive property boasts 223 rooms, each blending historical charm with modern elegance.

  • Canal Boat Exclusive for Tours: The Pulitzer’s offering of its very own canal boat, reserved exclusively for hotel guests, complete with tour guides and an onboard bar, provided an unparalleled opportunity to experience Amsterdam’s iconic canals intimately.
  • Room Amenities for Guests to Take Home: The thoughtful touch of providing guests with an umbrella and a bike repair kit to take home resonated with me, emphasizing the hotel’s commitment to intelligent and practical amenities.

The hotel’s engagement with all visitors, including a scavenger hunt designed for the younger guests, showcased its value for a comprehensive family experience. Its terrace is among the best in the Netherlands, offering a splendid setting for relaxation and socializing under the open sky.

The recent refurbishment introduced multi-generational suites and a dynamic design concept, where a change in houses reveals a shift in colors and ambiance, adding an innovative layer to the guest experience. This attention to detail extends to accessibility considerations, ensuring all guests enjoy their stay comfortably.

With the beauty house soon to open a spa and massage area, The Pulitzer is set to enhance its wellness offerings further. The arrival lounge provides a tranquil space for guests, complementing some suites’ private entrances and elevated canal views.

Upon arrival, suite guests are greeted with champagne, setting a tone of exclusivity and personalized care underpinned by a dedicated guest experience team. The Pulitzer Bar, maintaining a tranquil atmosphere for intimate conversations, mirrors the hotel’s exclusivity and quiet luxury ethos.

The 15% discount for residents at the hotel’s bars and restaurants highlights The Pulitzer’s integration with and contribution to the local community, enriching the experience for both travelers and Amsterdammers alike.

From start to finish, my visit to The Pulitzer was enveloped in an atmosphere of relaxed luxury, woven with stories of Amsterdam’s rich history and vibrant culture. 

The Pulitzer is a beacon of grand and welcoming luxury, making it an essential destination for those looking to dive deep into the heart of this historic city.

As we wrap up this journey through Amsterdam’s luxury hotel scene, it’s clear that each establishment offers something unique: historical charm, modern elegance, or unparalleled service. These experiences underscore the essence of luxury travel, where every stay promises comfort and an immersion into the cultural and architectural heartbeat of the city.

For those intrigued by these hotels’ luxury and personalized experiences, please contact us at Sphera Travel. With professional, firsthand recommendations tailored to your preferences, we are dedicated to designing your perfect travel experience. Whether you seek a serene retreat or a vibrant city escape, our insights into Amsterdam’s luxury accommodations can help you make an informed choice.

To explore Amsterdam’s allure further, take advantage of our article highlighting the top things to do in this enchanting city. And for those visiting in spring, our piece on experiencing Tulip Time in the Netherlands is a must-read, offering a colorful glimpse into one of the country’s most celebrated seasons.

Any of these exquisite hotels would serve as an ideal base for a pre or post-river or ocean cruise stay. Amsterdam, a key port city, welcomes a variety of cruise lines, including Avalon Waterways, AMA Waterways, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, and ocean giants like Holland America Line and Celebrity Cruises, all of which have departures or arrivals in this historic city.

Choosing the right hotel can elevate your vacation experience, providing a seamless transition between the comfort of your cruise and the luxury of Amsterdam’s finest accommodations. Let Sphera Travel guide you in selecting a hotel that complements your cruise adventure and enhances your travel journey.

For personalized travel design and to book your next luxury hotel stay in Amsterdam, contact us at Sphera Travel. Let’s make your travel dreams an experience you won’t forget.

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