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France River Cruise With Culinary Experiences

Let’s talk about some of the cuisines you can enjoy on a river cruise in the South of France.


A couple of notes before we get to the flavorful food stops along the river.  The South of France has a Mediterranean climate meaning warm, and dry winters and hot summers, so travel is a year-round event. 

The French are known for their art, architecture, wines, and world-famous gastronomy.

According to the French, food is a way of life and not just nourishment.  If you have not enjoyed a feast of exquisite and flavorful foods, set on a beautiful table, paired expertly with fine wines along with friends and loved ones, have you dined at all?

Along the way on your river cruise, your eyes will feast on picturesque countrysides, quaint towns, and spectacular sights yet to be seen.  In addition, your cruise ship will be expanding your taste buds with rich, savory, and decadent meals while treating you to the luxurious life you desire.  If you want, you can even take a cooking class with one of the chefs.

Enjoy your days with stops in quaint towns along the river and enjoy the best culinary experiences.  


In Tain l’Hermitage

Visit the Cite Du Chocolat.  Everyone loves chocolate, and at this stop, anyone from baking enthusiasts to professionals will learn something new about the chocolate-making process.  Discover the complex processes that turn cocoa beans into chocolate bars and enjoy the tasting lessons and on-site restaurant and store.


In Lyon

No one eats better than the citizens of Lyon, a tradition that harks back more than a century, when women opened unpretentious restaurants, called bouchons, to feed hungry workers. The traditional bouchon serves hearty meat-based dishes, but quenelles—luscious dumplings—and seasoned cream cheese called cervelle de canut are longtime local favorites too.

While explaining Lyon’s important gastronomic history, your guide will show you the city’s bouchons and specialty food shops and take you into the legendary local gourmet scene—and you’ll have a chance to taste some delectable offerings. Don’t miss the macarons! On the way to these fabulous culinary destinations, you’ll see some of Lyon’s historic old quarter, with its many spectacular examples of medieval and Renaissance architecture, and les traboules, the city’s ancient passageways.


 In Beaune

Visit a local family-owned mustard factory.  Watch the passion and drive of a family that has been in the business for over 180 years.   At the factory, you will discover new flavors and the differences in mustards as you see the process that brings out the flavors and complements different foods.   


There are many more culinary opportunities when you take a river cruise through the south of France, and we would love to help you and your foodie friends enjoy Discovering the World Together.

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