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Group Travel Inspiration

Welcome to Sphera Travel’s curated collection of group travel inspiration for empty nesters eager to explore new horizons. Dive into adventures and create unforgettable memories with fellow explorers who share your zest for life beyond parenting.

Group Travel!

Group travel can be a great adventure for empty nesters who have already seen their kids leave home. This type of travel can provide a cozy luxury that refreshes relationships and allows couples to spend quality time together without the stress of parenting. By exploring new territories together, couples can find renewed excitement, and being part of a group adds a delightful layer of social fun. Group travel is more than just a regular trip. It’s an opportunity to bond and share unique experiences with fellow empty nesters navigating this liberating chapter of life. Create unforgettable moments of joy and new friendships.

Group travel inspiration with a

touch of luxury

Step into a world of elegance and shared discovery with Sphera Travel, your guide to luxurious group travel experiences.

Let’s craft unforgettable experiences as you explore the world in luxury. Our mission is to design and organize luxury group travel experiences for empty nesters, close-knit friends, couples in their golden years, and anyone ready to embark on a new chapter of exploration.

Family Journeys: Connecting Over Generations

Group Travel Inspiration | Multi Generational Family on the Beach enjoying a luxury vacation

As empty nesters, create family togetherness through the joy of multi-generational travel.

This means vacations with different generations, from grandparents to grandchildren, bringing everyone closer and making lasting memories. Many grandparents travel with their beloved grandchildren today, strengthening bonds and creating special moments. Multi-generational travel isn’t just for immediate families; it’s also about extended family reunions, uniting different generations, and building shared memories and connections.

Group Travel Inspiration


Family Journeys

National Park Getaway
Nurture a love for nature through multi-generational adventures in national parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Whether hiking, stargazing, or simply relishing the great outdoors, these experiences offer the perfect setting for an unforgettable family reunion.

African Safari Voyage
Experience the wonder of an African safari with your children and grandchildren, an ideal opportunity for a family reunion. Witness the majesty of wildlife, stay in family-friendly lodges, and partake in educational experiences that enrich the soul.

Alaska Cruise Expedition
Set sail on an Alaska cruise adventure, meander through stunning landscapes, and witness the grandeur of glaciers and diverse wildlife. With various activities suitable for all generations, this journey promises to create lasting connections among family members.

All-Inclusive Family Retreat
Relish a stress-free family reunion at an all-inclusive resort, where multiple generations can unwind, partake in water sports, build sandcastles, and celebrate special occasions with all your needs catered to, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

European Ancestral Discovery
Embark on a journey to uncover your family’s heritage, exploring ancestral towns and landmarks while savoring cultural experiences and culinary delights in countries like Ireland, Italy, or Germany. It’s an exceptional choice for a family reunion, rekindling connections with your roots.

Family Reunion in Tuscany Villa
Bring your family together for a heartwarming reunion in a luxurious villa in Tuscany. Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, indulge in Italian cuisine, and immerse yourselves in the region’s rich history and culture together.

Taste The World: Culinary Group Travel

Step into the heartwarming world of luxury culinary travel, where the universal language of food brings kindred spirits together.

For those who savor the flavors and shared experiences, our journeys are crafted to provide both a delectable voyage of discovery and the comfort of camaraderie. Envision yourself among a select group of fellow empty nesters, united by a shared passion for extraordinary cuisine and fine wines. We believe the dinner table is where tales are spun, laughter is shared, and cherished memories are formed. Whether it’s a food tour, a cooking class, a Michelin-starred restaurant, or a visit to a bustling market, we will craft an itinerary based on your preferences, ensuring every moment is a culinary delight and a shared experience to treasure.

Taste the world.  Fooding travelers enjoying a cooking class

Group Travel Inspiration


Culinary Travel

Culinary Focused Cruise
Set sail on a culinary cruise aboard a ship with a teaching kitchen, tailoring food experiences to the regions you visit. Enjoy hands-on cooking classes and savor local specialties amidst picturesque ports.

Tuscany Gourmet Getaway
Relish Tuscany’s culinary treasures with fellow empty nesters. Stay in a luxurious villa, take private cooking classes with renowned chefs, and savor regional wines. 

Seafood Safari in Japan
Embark on a seafood adventure in Japan, explore Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, master sushi-making, and enjoy the freshest sushi and sashimi at Michelin-starred restaurants.

Napa Valley Wine & Dine
Relax in California’s Napa Valley with fellow wine and food enthusiasts. Sip world-class wines, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, and master food and wine pairing in a welcoming ambiance.

Spanish Tapas Trail
Immerse yourself in Spain’s vibrant tapas culture and journey through Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. Enjoy food tours, flamenco performances, and traditional Spanish cuisine.

French Culinary Escapade
Discover the art of French cuisine in Provence, truffle hunting, visiting local markets, and crafting exquisite dishes guided by expert chefs.

Connect Over Common Interests

Connect over common interests.  Photography Group Travel

After your children leave the nest, it’s only natural to seek new connections with like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions.

Whether your calling is volunteering, joining interest groups, participating in clubs, or engaging with church groups, there’s a profound sense of belonging waiting for you.

We take it a step further – we design journeys that revolve around your shared interests. Forge meaningful connections with fellow empty nesters in small, tight-knit groups, embarking on immersive travel experiences that center on your common hobbies and pursuits.

Whether your heart beats for photography, birdwatching, art, or any other specialized interest, these meticulously curated trips offer opportunities for learning, personal growth, and the creation of lasting friendships with fellow enthusiasts. Together, you’ll embark on a transformative journey, all while you savor the joy of Discovering the World Together!

Group Travel Inspiration


Club and Interest Groups

Photography Enthusiasts
Join a group of fellow empty nesters who share your passion for photography. Explore destinations with stunning landscapes and historic architecture, capturing the world’s beauty through your lenses. Participate in photography workshops and learn from experts while creating unforgettable visual memories.

Birdwatching Expeditions
Connect with fellow birdwatchers on journeys to diverse ecosystems teeming with avian species. Observe rare and exotic birds in their natural habitats, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the global birdwatching community.

Wine Clubs
Delight in wine with fellow enthusiasts, exploring renowned wine regions. Sip and savor exquisite wines, tour vineyards, and wineries, and deepen your appreciation for fine wines.

Church Groups
Embark on a spiritual journey with your congregation as you explore sacred destinations, strengthen your faith, and build deep connections within your church community while experiencing the world’s most cherished religious sites.
Volunteer Travel Experiences
Make a difference in the world by participating in volunteer travel experiences, where you’ll contribute to meaningful projects, connect with local communities, and create a lasting impact while exploring new cultures and destinations.

Book Clubs
Embark on literary journeys with fellow book enthusiasts. Visit destinations featured in your favorite novels, engage in book discussions, and immerse yourself in the stories that inspire your group.

Seek Adventures and Expeditions

Whether you’re just starting your journey as an empty nester or are on the cusp of retirement, it’s not about your age; it’s about seizing life’s grand adventures.

Step into a world of carefully curated and exhilarating travel experiences designed to satisfy the cravings of those who yearn for exploration and excitement. This is your opportunity to embark on a journey filled with daring activities and breathtaking expeditions, all while basking in the lap of luxury accommodations. Immerse yourself in the camaraderie of like-minded fellow empty nesters as you create memories to last a lifetime. From heart-pounding adventures to tranquil expeditions, many options await you.

Seek adventures and expeditions. Empty nester group enjoy an African safari

Group Travel Inspiration


Adventure and Expedition
Hiking or Trekking Tours
Embracing Iconic Landscapes and Shared Adventures – Embark on hikes to iconic destinations like Mont Blanc in the French Alps or the picturesque countryside of Ireland, forging lasting bonds with fellow adventurers.

Polar Expedition
Building Bonds in the Frozen Wilderness – Join expeditions to the polar regions, such as Antarctica or the Arctic, aboard luxury cruises that encourage camaraderie and shared awe under the expert guidance of passionate guides.

Galapagos Islands Cruise
Unite through Natural Wonders – Sail to the Galapagos Islands on a luxury cruise, where you’ll bond with like-minded explorers while witnessing extraordinary wildlife and pristine landscapes.
Bicycle Vacations
Exploring Cultures and Making Friends on Two Wheels – Immerse yourself in local cultures through guided bicycle vacations that provide unique access to heritage sites, art, and traditions while building friendships with fellow cyclists.
African Safari Adventure
Creating Memories in the Heart of Nature – Embark on an African safari adventure, staying in lodges or luxury tented camps and forging connections with fellow adventurers as you witness the wonders of the wildlife and landscapes.
Yacht Charters
Sailing Together on Coastal Journeys – Cruise along picturesque coastlines on a private yacht charter, fostering connections with fellow travelers while enjoying the personal touch of a dedicated crew.

Celebrate Life’s Big Moments

Celebrate life's big moments.  Couple on a boat with champagne celebrating their retirement.

You’ve earned the right to commemorate life’s milestones in the most extraordinary way possible – Travel.

Join a close-knit group of fellow empty nesters, friends, or cherished family members on an unforgettable journey to celebrate these significant moments together. Whether you’re marking special anniversaries or relishing the newfound freedom of retirement, these small-group travel experiences are designed to deliver camaraderie, adventure, and exploring captivating destinations that perfectly match your desires and celebration.

Group Travel Inspiration


Milestone Celebrations

Celebrating the Empty Nest
Embrace newfound freedom on your first empty nest adventure, even while supporting college expenses, by relaxing at an all-inclusive resort with fellow empty nesters, savoring the simplicity and relaxation of this well-deserved escape.

30th Wedding Anniversary:
Enjoy a romantic group getaway on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, where you’ll savor Italian cuisine, scenic boat rides, and charming towns with your loved ones.

50th Birthday Bash:
Ring in your 50th birthday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with friends and family, immersing yourselves in the city’s vibrant culture and energy.

50th Wedding Anniversary:
Mark your golden anniversary with a memorable Rhine River cruise through Europe, accompanied by friends and family, exploring charming towns and vineyards.
Retirement Kickoff with Fellow Retirees:
Commence your retirement adventure on an African safari with fellow retirees, embarking on wildlife explorations, enjoying thrilling game drives, and savoring the natural beauty of the African wilderness.

Bucket List
Fulfill your dreams with a group expedition to the Galápagos Islands, encountering unique wildlife and creating unforgettable memories with your closest friends and family.

Partnerships That Enrich Travel

At Sphera Travel, we connect and collaborate with entrepreneurs with dedicated followers and customers.

We create incredible travel experiences for business owners and clients to enjoy together, whether a cozy group of 20 or a larger gathering. These experiences offer a wealth of perks, from crafting engaging content and boosting product sales to fostering personal connections and increasing revenue. And it doesn’t stop there – you can even use your travel adventures to support a cause or community dear to your heart. All you have to do is pick the time and place and then invite your community to join in the fun. 

Group Travel Inspiration


Business Partnerships

Restaurants and Chefs
Renowned chefs and restaurants can enhance culinary offerings by incorporating travel experiences. This allows food enthusiasts to enjoy cooking classes, farm-to-table dining experiences, and exploration of local food markets in different locations.

Wineries and Sommeliers
Expand your wine-tasting experiences to travel destinations, allowing wine lovers to learn about wine production, sample exclusive vintages, and enjoy gourmet pairings in picturesque settings.

Business Incentive Trips
Companies looking to motivate their top performers incorporate travel into their incentive programs. This enables teams to engage in team-building activities, workshops, and relaxation in luxurious destinations.

Speciality Stores
Boutique shops can diversify their offerings by incorporating travel experiences. This allows shoppers to discover handmade crafts, fashion, or artisanal goods and even engage in behind-the-scenes workshops in different locations.
Professional photographers can take their expertise to various destinations, offering photography-centric journeys. This enables participants to capture stunning landscapes, wildlife, and urban scenes under expert guidance in different locales.
Craft Breweries can diversify by offering tours and tastings as travel experiences. This allows beer lovers to learn about the brewing process and sample a variety of unique brews in different regions worldwide.

River Cruising!


River cruising presents Empty Nesters with the ultimate group travel experience, uniquely suited to the varied tastes of every traveler.

River Cruising. Experiences small villages all across Europe with your empty nester group.

River Cruising offers activities and tours for all ages, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable experience for the entire family.

River cruising provides an elegant setting for celebrating anniversaries, retirements, or birthdays. The breathtaking views and luxurious amenities create a perfect atmosphere.

Themed itineraries cater to various hobbies and interests, from history buffs to wine connoisseurs.

River cruising promises a taste of local flavors with gourmet dining onboard and culinary excursions in each destination.

River Cruising provides an exclusive and sophisticated environment for business owners to connect with and reward their clients, enhancing relationships in a relaxed setting.

Off-ship adventures like biking and hiking are available, appealing to those seeking a mix of leisure and exploration.

The intimate setting of a river cruise fosters a unique sense of community, making it an ideal choice for groups looking to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories together. 

It’s not just about the destinations but the shared journey, where each day brings new scenery, experiences, and opportunities to connect while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a river cruise.

Sue Ball and Andy Ball walking in a Christmas Market in Budapest, Hungary with Andy's arm wrapped around a smiling Sue.

Discover your perfect pairing

Discover the river cruise that perfectly matches your wine tastes with our one-of-a-kind quiz.

Transitioning into the freedom of being an empty nester or stepping into the rewarding retirement phase opens new avenues for exploration and connection.


The challenge lies in finding those special experiences that align with your interests and introduces you to like-minded individuals.

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