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Designing Luxury Group Vacations For Empty Nesters

We design and book luxury group vacations so friends, family, and groups with common interests can create meaningful connections and enjoy Discovering the World Together!

Meaningful Travel Happens Together!

This isn’t just a journey; it’s a vibrant chapter of life redefined by shared exploration and newfound friendships, all within an adventure uniquely yours.

Group Travel Inspiration

Embark on a journey of post-parental freedom with luxury group travel experiences meticulously crafted around your unique interests. At our core, we specialize in custom-designing group travel experiences exclusively tailored to empty nesters’ preferences. Break free from the routine and monotony as you and fellow empty nesters explore new horizons together. Share laughter, swap stories, and create memories as you delve into captivating destinations with the comfort and support of a group.

Milestone Celebrations

Join a small group of fellow empty nesters on a remarkable journey to celebrate life’s milestones together.

Culinary Groups

Delight in a delectable fusion of flavors with a close-knit group of empty nesters as you embark on a culinary odyssey to discover the world’s finest cuisines

Adventure & Expedtions

Adventure and Expedition luxury group travel for empty nesters offers a thrilling and curated vacation experience.

Clubs & Interest Groups

Connect with other empty nesters who share your interests and hobbies, forming close-knit small groups that embark on immersive travel experiences.

Multi-Generational Groups

Embark on a journey that bridges the generations, crafting enduring memories as you explore the world with your children and grandchildren

Joint Venture Partnerships

At Sphera Travel, we believe in the power of collaboration. We partner with businesses to craft travel experiences that align perfectly with your business goals.

Access the Work with Us Guide

A complete review of our services, pricing, and what to expect when hiring Sphera Travel to design your luxury group vacation.

Our Process

step by step

We understand life gets pretty hectic. Let us lighten the load by applying our 30+ years of expertise and proven processes to tailor a wonderful group vacation for you. Our goal isn’t just to bring your travel dreams to life but also to deepen your connections with friends and family, especially during a phase like empty nesting when you might feel a bit detached.

Step 1: Let’s Connect AND GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER

Your luxury journey begins with a relaxed and complimentary 15-minute call.

Step 2: Designing Your Dream Vacation

After selecting Sphera Travel to design your vacation and securing your design package, we will begin personalizing your journey.

Step 3: Preparing for Your Journey

A “know-before-you-go” meeting three weeks before departure ensures you are well-prepared for your vacation.

Step 4: Discovering the World Together!

The time has come to embark on your luxurious vacation! We promise stress-free and luxurious moments throughout your vacation.

Hi, I’m Sue Ball!

Founder and lead travel designer at Sphera Travel, a boutique travel design company that crafts luxurious small-group vacations for empty nesters. With over 30 years in the industry, my journey into travel design took a personal turn in 2020 when my husband and I, Empty Nesters ourselves, longed for connection and a renewed sense of purpose—that year marked the inception of Sphera Travel, a venture born out of our desire to help others Discover the World Together, infusing their passions into enriching travel experiences and forging meaningful connections with friends, family, and like-minded adventurers.

Sphera Travel is more than a travel agency; it reflects my love for life’s simple pleasures and a commitment to curating unforgettable journeys for fellow Empty Nesters.

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