Fifteen Tips for Planning the Ultimate Honeymoon

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Do you want to make memories on your honeymoon?

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Sphera Travel has been designing honeymoons for over 25 years – and now, we’re sharing our best tips to make your honeymoon planning stress free.

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Fifteen Tips For Planning the Ultimate Honeymoon



  • 15 tips to make sure your honeymoon is perfect
  • When the best time to plan your honeymoon is
  • How to research and plan your honeymoon together
  • What to watch out for with those honeymoon “deals”
  • Ideas on how to surprise your spouse.
  • Ways to capture more memories along the way
  • Ideas to focus on you and your spouse and not the world
  • How to find the perfect balance between relaxing and exploring


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     FIFTEEN TIPs FOR planning the Ultimate Honeymoon and starting your married life DISCOVERING THE WORLD Together.

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