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The Best Travel Destinations For Your Milestone Birthday Celebrations

Sep 23, 2020 | Celebration Travel

Do you have a milestone birthday celebration coming up?

We want to inspire you with the best travel destination ideas for your 30th, 50th, and 70th milestone birthday celebrations. Every milestone finds you in a different place in life and calls for a unique destination. We will break it down with places that are perfectly matched to each.

You’re Turning 30!

 By now, you have probably settled into your career and could have young children to worry about. You deserve to get away and celebrate your 30th with a group of your closest friends!  

We recommend someplace not too far away. After all, Grandma and Grandpa may not want your kids for ten days. 

Costa Rica is great for a short getaway. (Only 5 hours from Chicago) Great cocktails and world-class swells brought you here in your twenties.  

Now, experience some of the country’s more grown-up pleasures—namely, its jaw-dropping natural scenery, inspired cuisine, and wellness-focused attractions.  

 Spend your days going on countless outdoor excursions (hiking, whale watching, scuba diving) and exploring the restaurants and shops.  

You’re Turning 50!

Life looks a little different now. If not already, you are close to being an empty nester. We are sure you have some great family vacations under your belt.

Now you’re ready for a more extended trip and ready to go abroad with few other couples in the same place in life. Have you heard about the Duoro River in Portugal? We recommend seeing it on a river cruise. You unpack once and enjoy your luxury floating hotel.     

Douro River cruises usually begin and end in Porto, Portugal, and last from six to fifteen days. The longer itineraries include land travel and a cruise and may consist of cities like Lisbon or Madrid.  Most cruises last for an average of eight days.   

One of the highlights of the Douro River cruises is the Douro River Valley Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 for the historical and traditional port wine production located between Barqueiros and Mazouco in northeast Portugal near the border of Spain. 

A cruise on the Douro River is perfect for your 50th birthday celebration.  Enjoy amazing food like Paella, port wine, and hiking to medieval villages.  

You’re Turning 70!

You’ve made it to retirement, and now it’s time to enjoy yourself and your legacy. 

Your 70th birthday is significant and is worth celebrating with your entire family!  

Your children and grandchildren will enjoy an all-Inclusive Riviera Maya Resort Vacation. A short drive from Cancún on the Yucatán Peninsula’s eastern shore is home to spectacular beaches and the world’s second-longest coral reef. This area offers impressive waterfront resorts, plus snorkeling, eco-parks, and Mayan ruins all within reach for every fitness level.   

You won’t have to lift a finger with daily room service and you can even have a butler if you desire. There are multitudes of food options for even the pickiest eaters. Sphera can help to arrange a private dinner or fiesta for your special birthday celebration.  

Activities for everyone’s interests are available and can be arranged before you depart. Shopping, delicious food options, snorkel the cenotes, swim with the whale sharks, to name a few.  

No matter what milestone birthday you are celebrating,

Sphera Travel will design a luxury group vacation for you to enjoy




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