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The discussion of the value of a travel advisor comes up quite frequently.  This is totally understandable in today’s world with the technology and connectedness that we have.  You have many different travel sites all offering the lowest airfares or the cheapest hotels.  You have warehouse stores even offering travel services just to save a few bucks.   

We believe that the value of a travel advisor is like every other profession.  Below I have two real life scenarios for your consideration.   

1st scenario.  You have a plumbing project in your house.  Do you call a plumber or do you decide to do it yourself?  After all, there are plenty of friends and family who have some experience, there are experts in the store who can help.  You can even save a buck or two by going to a warehouse store.  But what is the true cost of doing it yourself?  Are you up to state and city codes?  Did you do the research?  How many trips did you make to the store because you didn’t get the right part?  How long did it take?  Did you break something else while trying to fix the first problem? How quickly would a plumber have had it done? 

2nd scenario.  Say your daughter is getting married.  Do you plan and carry off the wedding yourself?  How big will it be?  Where will you have it?  What about the guest list?  Does a wedding planner help but you get a lot of input?  What about the other details that you haven’t thought of?  Do you want the stress?  How much time do you have?  How many trips to the florist are you going to make?  Do you want to spend all day on the phone while living a busy life or do you want somebody to craft a great wedding? 

Now imagine this because it is not too far off the mark.  When you’re traveling and something goes wrong, who do you call?  The warehouse store that employs the cheapest labor out there who has layers of bureaucracy to address your concerns?  Do you attempt to call the travel site that states if you bid out a room you’re stuck with it?  

Travel advisors like plumbers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, etc. work in the field every day and have a wealth of knowledge that can limit the wasted time of doing it yourself.  Travel advisors cut through the variety of options out there and craft the right trip for you.   Travel advisors listen to your wants, dreams and desires and work directly for you.  You also get to be a large part of the planning process if you wish. 

 Travel advisors also have access to group pricing that is not available to the public.  They have access to experts in specific areas that they use to help plan your travels.    Travel advisors have the insider’s knowledge and training to cut through the red tape when there is a problem with your flight and they act as your advocate when planning or traveling. 

So yes, you can totally do it on your own but know that you assume all the research, risk and time it takes to make the plans. 

Or you could just trust that experience and expertise that Travel Advisors bring every day. 

It’s your choice. 

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