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Dive into a world of refined luxury with Sphera Travel. Our specialty? Crafting unforgettable, tailor-made vacations for empty nesters. Embark on journeys full of enriching activities, celebrated milestones, and meaningful connections. Experience the world alongside like-minded individuals, friends, or family.

How Sphera Travel Stands Out

Tailored Travel Experiences

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Our Process

step by step

We understand life gets pretty hectic. Let us lighten the load by applying our 30+ years of expertise and proven processes to tailor a wonderful group vacation for you. Our goal isn’t just to bring your travel dreams to life but also to deepen your connections with friends and family, especially during a phase like empty nesting when you might feel a bit detached.

Sue Ball planning custom luxury vacations for empty nesters


  • Initial Consultation: Your adventure begins with a complimentary 15-minute call. This is our chance to listen to your ideas, understand your travel aspirations, and share how we can make them a reality.
  • Understanding Your Needs: We discuss your preferences, interests, and special requirements to ensure your vacation is as unique as you are.
  • Choosing a Package: After our initial call, sign our agreement and pay for the travel design package.

Designing Your Dream Vacation

  • In-depth Consultation: We dive deeper into your travel dreams during a comprehensive planning session. We’ll explore destinations, activities, and all the elements that will make your trip extraordinary.
  • Tailoring Your Itinerary: We craft a custom proposal based on our discussions. This includes handpicked accommodations, exclusive tours, and unique experiences aligned with your wishes.

Inspiring Preparations for Your Journey

  • Keeping the Excitement Alive: As your trip approaches, we provide detailed city guides, packing tips, and inspirational content to prepare you for your adventure.
  • Pre-Trip Meeting: We organize a “know-before-you-go” meeting to review your itinerary, answer last-minute questions, and ensure you’re fully prepared for your journey.

Discovering the World Together!

  • Embarking on Your Trip: With your personalized itinerary, set off on your luxurious vacation designed just for you.
  • Continuous Support: Our support doesn’t end when you depart. We’re available throughout your trip to assist with any needs or adjustments.
  • Welcome Home and Feedback: Upon your return, we welcome your feedback to refine and perfect future journeys, marking the beginning of our ongoing travel partnership.


Design My Trip Form to get you thinking about what you want for your vacation

In-depth consultation to discuss your wants, needs and preferences

Individualized research to design precisely the trip you want. Up to four proposal revisions included

One in-person appointment for clients local to the Grand Rapids, MI area

Custom vacation proposal and final itinerary that includes all the important details of your trip

Discovering Destinations guide for major cities/countries you will visit while on your trip

In travel assistance.  We are only a message away!

Transportation assistance and coordination: private transfers, trains, taxis, etc.

Booking of all travel components, including airfare, hotel, rail tickets, excursions and tours, car rental, and concierge services

Travel Insurance options to protect your travel investment

Group Travel coordination.  A Private Facebook Group or webpage for communication

Your final travel itinerary is delivered digitally through our Travel App. (Please indicate if you would like the documents printed)

Flight booking and assistance, schedule change communication

Sphera Travel’s Design Package Suite

Begin your custom travel experience with Sphera Travel’s Design Suite, offering a range of tailored fee packages for luxury, comfort, and unique experiences. Each package is priced to reflect the high level of service and attention to detail we provide, making sure your journey meets your expectations for exclusivity and quality.

Venice Italy Sphera Travel's Travel Agency Services for our Discovering Together Group travel package.



The Discovering Together Package offers a fully customized travel experience for groups of 10 or more. Perfect for families, friends, or any interest-based collectives, this package is crafted to bring people together on journeys that are as unique as they are memorable.

We focus on personalizing every aspect of your trip to suit each group member’s individual tastes and requirements. From the planning stages to the conclusion of your journey, we guarantee a seamless, enjoyable, and unforgettable travel experience. Embark on an adventure designed exclusively for your group, where each moment is tailored to ensure everyone has the trip of a lifetime.



Discover a new level of luxury with our Discoverer package, designed to make your dream vacation a reality. This package moves beyond standard vacations, offering a fully customized experience tailored to your preferences, from hand-picked tours to gourmet dining and seamless travel arrangements. Your wishes drive the planning, ensuring a journey perfectly aligned with your desires.

As a Discoverer, you become the architect of your own lavish travel tale, where every detail of your trip is shaped to reflect your personal tastes and interests, promising memories that last a lifetime. Embark on an adventure that’s exclusively yours, and experience the world in a way that’s distinctly personal.


Greece representing Sphera Travel's Agency Services for our Discoverer Fully Custom Travel Packages
Budpast representing Sphera Travel's Travel Services our Traveler Semi Customer design packages.



The Traveler Design Package combines the best of both worlds: a well-planned itinerary with the flexibility to tailor your journey. Start with a solid travel plan to key destinations and the option to extend your stay, ensuring you experience the highlights without missing out.

What sets this package apart is your ability to customize your trip with personal interests and activities, from uncovering hidden treasures to indulging in local flavors or adventures. This package offers the ease of an organized vacation with the freedom to make it uniquely yours, letting you travel exactly how you wish.





The Vacationer package combines the ease of a planned vacation with the ability to personalize your experience. You start with a reliable itinerary, perfect for cruises, tours, or resort stays, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your travels.

Yet, we know every traveler is unique. That’s why this package offers the chance to tailor your trip with options like special dinner reservations and tours, plus the opportunity for a one-night extension before your cruise or tour begins. This allows you to customize your vacation, making it as individual as your interests. With the Vacationer package, travel comfortably, knowing you can make your journey truly your own.


Beautiful Caribbean Beach representing Sphera Travel's Travel Agency Services Vacationer Design Package

A La Carte Travel Services

At Sphera Travel, we offer a range of à la carte services to complement our Design Suite packages, providing flexibility and additional support for your unique travel needs.
Flight Only Reservations and Management - $100 per ticket
  • Seamless Flight Booking: Experience hassle-free flight reservations and management for a fee of $100 per ticket. This service is perfect for travelers who require flight-only bookings, separate from our comprehensive design packages.
  • In-Travel Flight Monitoring: Our team provides continuous monitoring and assistance throughout your journey, ensuring a smooth flight experience.
Last Minute Concierge Services - $25 per activity
  • Concierge on Demand: While our design packages include concierge services for bookings made at least 45 days before departure, we offer last-minute bookings for an additional $25 per activity.
  • Flexibility for Spontaneous Plans: This service caters to travelers making plans within 45 days of departure, excluding train tickets that cannot be reserved outside the 45-day window.
Last Minute Vacation Design - $200
  • Rapid Response Planning: For those planning a getaway within 60 days of departure, a special last-minute design fee of $200 ensures your vacation becomes a priority, guaranteeing a top-tier travel experience.

** Please note this is in addition to the applicable design package

Expert Advice - $100
  • Guidance for Your Plans: Ideal for those who have arranged their own trip and seek expert advice. Our service, priced at $100, provides a professional review to enhance your itinerary.
  • One-Hour Consultation: Engage in a detailed discussion to refine your plans, followed by a recap email with our tailored recommendations.

Note: This service is exclusively for trips planned independently and does not extend to itineraries arranged by another travel advisor. It focuses on providing advice and does not include reservation or booking services.

Visa Processing and Assistance - $50 per person
  • Visa Application Support: Our team provides guidance for travel visa applications, with a service fee of $50 per person. Note: This fee is separate from government and processing charges.
Emergency Assistance While Traveling - $100 per instance
  • Unanticipated Emergencies: At Sphera Travel, our design packages include comprehensive travel assistance; however, If an emergency arises due to traveler actions or oversights and travel insurance has not been purchased, a fee of $200 per instance will be charged.
  • Conditions for the Fee: This charge is applicable in scenarios such as missed flights, forgotten passports, or not adhering to set travel schedules, and only if travel insurance is not in place.
  • Automatic Billing Process: In these instances, the emergency assistance fee will automatically be billed to the card on file, ensuring prompt and effective handling of the situation.
  • Exclusions: It’s important to note that this fee will not apply if the emergency is the fault of the airline or travel supplier. In such cases, we will assist without an additional charge.

Importance of Travel Insurance: We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to provide broader coverage and support during your travels, mitigating the need for these additional fees.

Additional in-person appointments - $50
  • Personalized Meetings: In Grand Rapids, MI, we include one in-person meeting in each design package. Additional in-person appointments are available at $50 per session, ensuring personalized service and effective communication throughout the travel design process.
Trip changes - $50 per change
  • Change Coordination: A $50 fee per change, covering modifications with airlines, hotels, and tour companies. We handle all coordination post-payment, with potential additional supplier fees.

Your Travel, Tailored to Your Needs

Our Design Package Suite and  à la carte services are designed to give you additional flexibility and support, ensuring that every aspect of your travel with Sphera Travel is tailored to your needs and preferences. Our team is committed to providing exceptional service for a truly personalized travel experience, whether it’s a fully customize luxury group vacation,  last-minute arrangements, visa assistance, or flight management.

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